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Do you feel as though part of you is missing?

Have you never felt the same since...

Are you struggling to unhook from someone?

You only need to look into another's eyes (the windows to the soul) to see who has a lot of soul and who is missing soul. When we die, our soul leaves our physical body, transforming (changing form) and journeying into the next part of its journey. When we are alive however, we can lose touch with parts of our soul meaning that we are not fully and completely in our radiance because not all of us is present.

Soul loss is the natural coping mechanism of the soul to relieve the overwhelming emotional, psychological, or physical pain caused by trauma.



  • dissociation and spacing outboat mist
  • post traumatic stress disorder or symptoms
  • ongoing internal emptiness
  • addictions and other compulsive disorders
  • unending or complicated grief
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • panic or anxiety attacks
  • chronic fatigue
  • chronic illness
  • loss of creativity
  • a passionless life
  • loss of sexual desire

The parts of our soul essence that leave also contain essential qualities, gifts and abilities. So, when these are not present, not only are we left missing our soul essence but we are often missing our ability to feel emotion, our self love, creativity, confidence, sexuality, ancestral wisdom or decision-making as well. With this loss comes less energy, passion, and vitality for life. We are also left with less resilience and inner resources to cope with life.

If you feel as though you are experiencing the loss of your soul essence, please continue reading


  • feelings of wholeness because more of you will be present
  • a greater desire and passion for life
  • healthier relationships
  • ability to make more authentic career choices
  • freedom from unhealthy relationship hooks
  • more vitality and energy for your life

The Road to Recovery from Breast Cancer ~ Val's Healing Story

When diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, I turned to Angela Prider for shamanic spiritual support. Through the drumming, journeying, and space cleansing, we created a solid base on which I could stand while facing my diagnosis. The space cleansing was amazing, and calmed me down immensely, while creating my home as a healing environment. The drumming was a way to increase my immune response. Her calm, and centered way of being, brought a great peace to my first steps along a difficult medical journey. I recommend anyone facing health issues, especially cancer, to seek out shamanic services as an adjunct therapy to their medical regime.



Soul loss can occur during or after sudden traumatic experiences, or over a period of time where we have been in an unhealthy relationship or made a decision about a life choice where we are not in our true self.

Some experiences may include:

  • surgery and injuries
  • mental/emotional/spiritual/sexual abuse
  • accidents
  • immigrating to another country away from our birth land
  • emotional loss
  • birth trauma (ours or giving birth)
  • sudden loss and grief
  • relationship breakups

In addition to these situations, we can also experience soul loss:

  • we can't or won't live with a life choice that's not true to our soul
  • when we banish a part of our soul
  • when we give a soul part to someone else or we allow them to take it


  • to a safe place in another realm
  • to a place in our body where they are walled up and separated from the rest of our essence
  • to the time and place where the trauma occurred where they become stuck
  • with another person where they become stuck


A Firefighter's Journey from PTSD & 911

After working 30 years in emergency services as a firefighter, I had been dealing with issues and behaviours related to previous trauma that I didn't understand and couldn't control. I was also carrying unresolved grief related to 9/11. Since receiving shamanic healing and developing a shamanic practice, my symptoms of post traumatic stress have almost been eliminated. My life feels as if it has been restored and my ability to focus and find inner peace have returned.



Soul retrieval is a powerful and life-changing ceremony where we work in partnership and with compassionate Helping Spirits to track and bring home your missing soul parts. During the process we work with your soul parts to facilitate as much healing as possible in other realities prior to bringing them home to your body. This prevents you from being overwhelmed with the feelings or memories associated with the original trauma or reason why the parts left. You will then receive a medicine story of the journey, (a recording is provided) as well as instructions to ground and begin to integrate the soul parts. Your role during the process is to hold a steady and strong intention for soul retrieval and to become willing to make changes in your external life that will reflect your internal changes. It is most important that you follow through on the integration processes given to you at the end of the ceremony.


The next stage of the healing process involves soul integration. In contemporary shamanism, integration has become a fundamental and essential aspect; it can also be the most complex. In shamanic cultures, community members or family would be able to spot soul loss within a very short period. In our culture however, some of us have been missing soul parts for decades. With soul parts being gone for so long, we have made decisions and built lives based on a partial soul presence. These decisions may have included relationship patterns or career choices. After soul retrieval therefore, we are called to make external changes to our lives to reflect our new internal changes. During this process, we provide coaching, counselling and ceremony to clear any negative core beliefs, perceptions or behaviour patterns that may be blocking your process to wholeness.


Although shamanic healing is a powerful and time-tested practise, in shamanic cultures, community members knew how to recognise the symptoms of soul loss or energy intrusion. As soon as these symptoms were recognised, the family or community took the person to the Shaman for treatment shortly after the traumatic event, helping them quickly return to a state of homeostasis. In our modern society, people may have lived with soul loss in a dysregulated state for decades. Patterns, behaviours, thoughts, and emotional states can be deeply entrenched, reflecting the energy of the original stress, making it more challenging for soul restoration and integration. One of the main reasons Angela synthesizes SRT with shamanic healing, is to repair or establish the neural pathways required to support and contain the returning soul parts through soul retrieval. Often this may look like 3-4 SRT sessions to clear and transmute the stuck fight, flight or freeze energy, and then Soul Retrieval to bring back the missing soul parts. Because the resonance of the original trauma is no longer present in the nervous system, the soul parts are much more likely to stay and the integration is much smoother. The result is a more grounded and authentic sense of self, accompanied by feelings of joy, hope, and aliveness.

To book a session with Angela email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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