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Are you feeling vulnerable and disempowered?

Lacking energy or direction?

Do you have trouble setting or maintaining boundaries?

Is it challenging for you to have a truthful "yes" and a truthful "no"?

jaguar001Loss of personal power and protection can occur when we give our power away or give up on ourselves or our life. Power Animal Retrieval ceremony is a sacred and empowering way of reconnecting with the protection and wisdom volunteered to you from a totem animal spirit. These benevolent spirits bring their instinctual strength and power, teaching us how to reconnect with our own instinctual self and our intuition. The result is more clarity, ease with boundary setting, and more energy and passion for your life. In addition, they bring the unique wisdom, or medicine, of their species as a way of teaching you about qualities and abilities that you need to develop in order to become energetically empowered.



  • Lack of self confidence and motivation
  • Ongoing misfortune (streak of bad luck)
  • Self loathing
  • Recurring illness
  • Anger and depression
  • Feeling like a doormat
  • Being stuck in victim



Once you have completed the directions for preparation before attending your appointment, during the Power Animal retrieval ceremony we will ask you to set a steady and strong intention to call your Power Animal to you. Then we will travel to another dimension or realm and find the animal who is volunteering to come and help you. Once this connection is established, we will bring this Spirit back and blow it into your luminous and physical bodies. You will then receive the Medicine Story of this journey (recorded) so that you can listen to it many times and really receive the wisdom being passed to you. We will then teach you to journey yourself so that you can continue the relationship and receive the help and guidance you are looking for. Afterwards, you will receive guidance on how best to respect this special reciprocal relationship and receive the support available to you.

Once you have your Power Animal, you might enjoy attending our Shamanic Journeying Circles to deepen and nurture this relationship and improve your journeying skills. Please see the calendar for listings of events..


Power Retrieval in the Midst of Illness ~ Michael's Return to Health

grizzlyI had the misfortune of falling very ill and the prognosis I was given was the worst possible. I had been admitted to the hospital for pancreatitis, and for the following 6 months after initial treatment, I was still in hospital battling organ failure along with several other life threatening complications. Mentally I found myself sinking fast and unable to think clearly. I had shut off my emotions, diving so deep into my own blackness that I cut myself off from all feeling and was consumed with total fear and panic. My wife and I struggled with this impossible situation in the midst of what was supposed to be the happiest time of our lives - our son had been born 12 days before I was admitted to hospital.

Angela helped me find my way back to the surface by teaching me skills to remove blocks of terror that were disabling me more than my illness. Part of my focus was to concentrate on my Power Animal, which was significant as it was how I could potentially see myself during good days. My Power Animal gave me something to focus on when I could feel bleakness threatening to take over. When I finally came home, which was frightening due to its distance from all things medical and emergency, Angela helped with a house clearing which was like turning over a new leaf.

Having the support of my Power Animal was the key I needed to help me through the experience of illness. Our work together during this time of complete crisis was immensely beneficial.




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