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Bealtainne Earth Medicine and Fire Ceremony

From May 02, 2021 17:00 until May 02, 2021 19:00
Posted by Angela Prider

You’re invited to a Sacred Circle of consciousness shifting as we collectively enter the threshold of SUMMER and the Celtic festival of fertilityBealtainne IG2 and PASSION - Bealtainne (Beltane).

This is a wonderful opportunity to transform and heal half-heartedness that may be casting heavy energy into your future.

LittleBird will be providing distance healing, wisdom transmission, and medicine sound immersion before guiding you into Spirit Journey to integrate your healing.

This is followed by the celebration of a Sacred NEED FIRE ceremony to receive the energy of FULL-HEARTEDNESS which brings powerful momentum and inspiration into our lives.

You will receive:
- Grounding and centering meditation
- Animistic folk medicine healing & sound immersion
- Intention setting
- Sacred Need Fire ceremony
- And Path Blessing

You'll really enjoy this by:
- inviting your friends and celebrating together
- creating a comfortable, undisturbed sacred space to lay down and journey (clear your space beforehand)
- having a brand, new RED candle to participate in the tradition of the Need Fire and collectively send ripples of JOY, fertility, and WILD SOVEREIGN energy into the web of life.

We meet on Zoom
Sliding Scale $33-$44


A preparation email will be sent to you 48 hours before the event



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