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Teachings from the Hearth

About twenty years ago, I came to a crossroads in my life by way of a crisis. Like many of us who have stood at these crossroads, I found myself in dismay - divorced, unemployed, spiritually bankrupt, and emotionally dysregulated. It was humbling to say the least, and I was called to deeply examine my life. Very shortly into this examination, I was gifted the Toltec teachings and practice of stalking by nagual, Dona Bernadette Vigil. Through this practice, I learned how to see my life as a weaving within the infinite, unstoppable fabric of the Divine. In the centre of my life's weaving was my heart. Like a warm hearth in the centre of a chilly maze, I could hear its calling, and feel its longing, but at that time, I was far, far away.

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Lughnassad 2010

Bright Summer blessings to you and welcome to my blog and this first entry.

Last weekend some of the White Bone students and I (and some of our gorgeous kids) joined together under the trees and in the sunshine of the park to celebrate Lughnassad. This wonderful festival celebrates the Celtic Sun God Lugh as he honoured his foster-mother Tailtiu in thanks for her clearing the land for agriculture.

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Soul Integrity - Aug 2010

Achievement versus Soul Integrity

As we walk the shamanic path, we are gathering our medicine and hopefully building strong, resilient medicine bodies. This can at times be a tedious process because it means that we constantly need to look within and sift through what is ours and what is not.

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Spirits of Place - Dec 2, 2010

Travelling is so common these days with many of us living away from our countries of birth. There are also those of us that travel with work, or just move every couple of years. As much as these freedoms can be exciting, I think we are really missing out on the beauty of intimate relationships with the Spirits of Place.

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Bats - Teachers of Rebirth Jan 04, 2011

When I was visiting Australia, I spent time with a beautiful, big Moreton Bay Fig Tree. They are of the banyen family and such a loving presence to many birds and of course bats. Often I would walk through or past the park at night and see and hear the bats flying around and roosting in the tree having their dinner of figs. At the same time, I met a friend of our family called Jill.

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Blessings for Parents - Jan 22, 2011

Parenting for many of us is like being thrown into a deep, fast moving river and barely knowing how to swim. The survival instinct is overwhelming, the emotions are overwhelming, and the voices of how one “should do” things can also be overwhelming. Everyone around us has an opinion.

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Tending the Hearth - Feb 11, 2011

Blessings to you!

We have just moved through the beautiful and joyful celebration of Imbolc. This is a time when my ancestors of Ireland and Scotland would rejoice in the heralding of Spring and the hope that accompanies that heralding. We look out to our garden and see the very beginnings of the buds upon some trees, and a few little snowdrops beginning to shoot from the ground.

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Healing through Balance: Soul, Heart & Mind – March 14, 2011

In the shamanic way, it is believed that challenges we may be facing with our health have a spiritual cause. Shamans from all over the world have believed this for thousands of years, and yet the idea of body, mind, and spirit being interconnected and interdependent, has only recently been embraced by science with the growing field of psychoneuroimmunology.

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Yoga - Healing for Japan, Mar 17, 2011

The ancient Irish poet-shamans (Filidh) understood that we had energy centers inside us, which help support the health of our body, emotions and mind. They saw these centers as containers or cauldrons. The heart center was understood to be particularly sensitive and could move and tip with strong emotional states.

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Latest Blog

5 Ways to Bring Richness to the Present

Life is far too rich to simply skim on the surface, so here's five ways you can bring that richness into your awareness and the present moment.

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Beltane Ceremony with the River of Life

Bealtaine is a potent portal where the sacred masculine energy of doing begins to light up, and join into the sacred feminine energy of being. This ceremony is a wonderful way for you to reflect on how things have been, and begin to envision how you would like them to become.

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Offerings as Sacred Reciprocity

People are often curious about why I always ask them to bring "offerings" to circles or sessions.  This is a really great question! In fact all questions are good because although it is important to have an open heart and be present in a ceremony or practice, it is equally as important to know why we are doing something and where it comes from.

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