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In the shamanic way, it is believed that challenges we may be facing with our health have a spiritual cause. Shamans from all over the world have believed this for thousands of years, and yet the idea of body, mind, and spirit being interconnected and interdependent, has only recently been embraced by science with the growing field of psychoneuroimmunology.

The ancient Irish poet-shamans (filidh) believed that the intimate relationship between soul, heart and mind was crucial for health and wholeness. Each of them is connected to energy centers within us that support our physical vitality, emotional well-being, and strength of wisdom and knowledge. With the soul, heart, and mind in a state of congruence, one could attain and maintain a state of strength and health.

Additionally, the Irish poet-shamans believed that each of them carried their own medicines or energies and that each of these could be vulnerable; the soul’s love, the heart’s desire or passion, and the mind’s integrity. In order to ensure that this triad is therefore protected, it is our job to be in right relationship with them, and to be mindful of how our thoughts, emotions, and actions can effect them. It is also our responsibility to consult them and when making decisions find a way that these decisions are win-win-win so that all three are satisfied.

With this awareness, how do we then support and protect our soul, mind, and heart in order for them to be in congruence and result in balanced health?

First off, the soul requires devout observance, otherwise known as trust. Do you listen to your soul? Do you trust your soul? Are you in relationship with your soul? What do you do in your daily life to connect with your soul?

The heart needs consent. Are you going against your heart? What is your heart asking for that you are not giving permission to?  How are you turning away from what you feel passionate about? What are you doing in your daily life to express your passion and desire?

The mind needs pledge, otherwise known as faith. When do you doubt yourself? When have you not kept your word? How are you undisciplined?

Sounds a little obscure perhaps in our world and in our language, but think about times when you have not trusted your soul, when you have not had your heart’s consent, or when you have doubted your mind. By creating conscious relationships with these through listening, contact, and time, you will begin to notice and recognise their voices and the wisdom they carry. This wisdom is precious, and I believe the antidote to the thousands of external messages we are pummelled with each day. This antidote may be the answer to strengthening your health and balance.

Many blessings in health,


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