Whenever we travel we are visiting places that hold the memories and ancestral spirits of the land. We are indeed visitors to these spirits. With this in mind, think about your ways of announcing yourself and respecting these spirits.

Do you arrive and completely forget that you are in fact a visitor because you have paid for your hotel room?july303

As you think about that, imagine this. You have decided to travel abroad and a good friend says to you, “Oh yes, that place is so beautiful. In fact, I have a friend who lives there. They would love it if you dropped by. Here, I will give you their address.” So you plan your trip and contact the friend’s friends and they agree to have you stay at their place. After traveling for hours, you finally arrive. I wonder how you might introduce yourself? I wonder what gifts you might bring to them?

Now, back to the thought of how you connect and respect the spirits of the places you visit. Here are a few ideas that will help to create a peaceful and deep experience wherever you travel. Note that through this process, you may indeed not end up visiting some places after all.

First of all, you might like to ask your helping spirits to journey to the prospective destination and let you know whether it is a safe place for you to visit. Then through meditation or journey, travel to the place with your helping spirits and have them meet with the guardian spirits of the place and ask permission for you to visit. Once you have permission then make your plans to travel there.

I have found whenever I have had visitors in my home from other places and with other customs, it is always lovely to receive gifts that reflect their custom and to learn about their ways and their ancestors. So before you leave home, you might like to make a small gift bundle that reflects your home and your ancestors. For example, wrap a small piece of your garden, and perhaps a little food that reflects your ancestors or customs. In my case, I take a small piece of bread and inside I wrap a piece of fern from my garden, some Vegemite (of course), jam, chocolate, lavender and oats. These are all a reflection of my home and my ancestors. Remember that your gift doesn’t have to be large. You are making an offering to the Spirits of the new place so that they can recognize you on a spiritual level. When all else fails though, a song, poem, or prayer can be beautiful gifts, as can some delicious chocolate.

When you arrive, go through the arrival process just as you would if you were visiting friends. Get out of your car, and say hello. At this point, your friends would likely guide you to settle into your room and unpack before joining them. So, once you have done that, take your gift outside to the Spirits and let them know how grateful you are for having you to stay. Then find a quiet place and bury your gift.

Perhaps there is a fireplace or a firepit where you can burn your gift bundle in gratitude.

Remember to say thank you and give praise during your stay. It can also be wonderful to track your night dreams during your vacation.

Of course when you are preparing to head back home, let them know and give thanks before saying goodbye.

july304Traveling in this way can prove to be incredibly rewarding and is a beautiful way to make some lasting friendships and learn about other energies, medicines and wisdom.

Happy travels.

In spirit, Angela


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