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This morning it's Spring Equinox,  so I walked down to the ocean to see Sun and Moon gazing across from one another.

There they were in harmony. Each so different and yet their relationship defining our existence. Despacho PinkWt

Sometimes it can take time to reach harmony in relationship. Our little minds have "trust issues", we are afraid to become vulnerable, we are afraid of thousands of things, we attach to the illusion that we are separate, and we carry on all the while feeding the relationship shadow.

But if we do that, it's like we are feeding the moon all the time and end up in lunar eclipse so that the relationship feels overshadowed.

It can look like a lot of not talking, gazing at screens, anorexic affection, mechanical sex or no sex at all, monotony, heaviness, and living from roles.

So we must enter the conflict where two rivers meet.

Sometimes it's a sweet dance, and sometimes it's an overwhelming tumultuous current. But if we can hold steady and particularly, if we can go VERY slowly, we can enter the deep currents and not get ripped apart. It means stepping into deep conversations, our own individual deep work, and the deep maintenance work of tending the soul of the relationship so it gets a good cleaning and harmonization.

Reaching that place of harmony and balance, the place of parity both within ourselves and in relationship takes great courage.

I hope you have a chance to feel into this beautiful Spring Equinox energy today and over the next few days. Maybe you'll find time to lay on the ground and gaze at the sky and allow this seasonal doorways to harmonize any conflict within you.


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This morning it's Spring Equinox,  so I walked down to the ocean to see Sun and Moon gazing across from one another.

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