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Life is far too rich to simply skim on the surface, so here's five ways you can bring that richness into your awareness and the present moment.


1. Dedicated and Devoted time

Multi-tasking might really just be called "split-focussing." It robs us from enjoying the depth of each moment. So, first and foremost make a decision to block some time and dedicate that time to being present in doing only one thing. Whatever it is that you have chosen to do, do only that. If you are walking the dog, just walk the dog. Leave your phone at home. There were thousands of people doing all sorts of things without phones for eons before Apple was born. You'll be fine!


2. Come Home to Your Breath

As you are doing whatever you are doing, take mini-breaks of between 3-10 seconds and bring your awareness to your breath. It's your home base. Just stop and bring your awareness to the air moving in and out of your nostrils. If you are in a place where this doesn't quite cut it, then imagine you are breathing your favorite breath. Your nervous system doesn't know the difference between real and imagined, so go for your favorite air. We all have that right! The salty beach air, the woods after the rain air, the dry desert air, the morning, fresh snow air. What's your favorite? During your mini-break, breath that air.


3. Orienting to Your Surroundings

You can also take a mini-break by simply stopping and slowly allowing your eyes to take in your surroundings. Tune into all of your senses. What do you see? The colours, the light? What do you hear? What do you sense? Give outrself time. By doing this, you will allow your orienting reflex to habituate to your surroundings helping you to settle. Then take a big, clearing breath and return to your activity.


4. Tune Into Your Body Sensations

Or take a mini-break, by stopping and tuning into your body. What's happening there? What sensations do you notice? Where is it warm? Cold? Can you just stretch for a few seconds or move around a bit, just change position? You might liek to close your eyes and then look down to bring your awareness out of your mind and down below your neck, even into your heart.


5. Allow Your Body to Release an Regulate

These little breaks need only be between 3-10 seconds but they are enough for your nervous system to just let down a little bit. You may notice that you sigh or yawn, or even tingle or twitch. If this happens, bring your awareness to it and allow it to expand or run its course. These are all a good signs that your rest and digest system is doing it's job.


So remember, mini-breaks, even nano-breaks just to move out of the doing plane and into the being plane. You might be amazed at how full your day will feel.

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