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Bealtaine is a potent portal where the sacred masculine energy of doing begins to light up, and join into the sacred feminine energy of being. This ceremony is a wonderful way for you to reflect on how things have been, and begin to envision how you would like them to become.

You might like to read more about Bealtaine in this post before your get started.

In the ceremony we connect with the light of the Sun which brings the power of growth and creation. We welcome the Sun to empower our Offerings before placing them in the Water. The River (creek or stream) is a beautiful symbol of our life. Sometimes life can be like a lazy day on the river where we drift along in the bliss of sunshine. At other times, we come around a bend and have to face very rough waters where we feel completely unable to navigate our way.

By mindfully giving prayers and offerings to the river, we are asking Spirit to bring everything we need so we can have a happy and contented life, and be able to navigate skillfully no matter what the conditions of the river. 

Offerings white 

You will need to do this ceremony on a sunny day by a stream, creek, or river where you can have privacy and where the ecosystem is not fragile. Be sure to ask permission of the Spirit of the place before you go ahead.

Bring along some eco-friendly items as Offerings and which represent the prayers you will be sharing.
Here is some further reading on Offerings to help you prepare. 

Here are some ideas for Offerings:Reana River
Honey: to bring sweetness into your life
Lavender: to cleanse a situation or yourself, and move through any old grief
Rose: for compassion

Tobacco: grounding, gratitude, and support
Corn: abundance
Nettle: protection, strength and cleansing

Flowers: to help your prayers blossom
Rosemary: to support you in re-membering your true self

Naturally, there are likely many items that you resonate with, so follow your heart. It's most important that you listen to the Offerings to see how they want to support you.

As you stand by the river, face up to the Sun holding one of your items,  blow your sweetest breath from your heart into the Offering and speak your prayers out loud.

It's important to speak your prayers out loud (even as a whisper) because your words carry the energy of your intention from down in your heart, up and through into this reality.

Then when you are ready gently place or throw your offering into the River before moving onto the next prayer and offering. As you do this be conscious that you are placing our prayers into the River of your Life. The medicine/essence of the offering will support your prayers and also become part of the flow of your life.

When you are complete, continue to face the sun, and drink in the brightness until it fills up your body, and the bubble around your body.

Remember to thank the Spirit of the place for having you there and supporting you.


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We would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the Squamish, Kwikwetlem, Tsleil-Waututh, Kwantlen, and Katzie Nations, whose ancestral lands we live, work, and teach upon.



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