Screen Shot 2020 02 25 at 10.40.45 AMThis morning I awoke and wondered about how I could move myself and my energy out of the heaviness of disappointment. I thought about how I thought I knew what was "right" for the people of the US, all of us, but as a wise teacher once told me, "When we think we know, we say no to all that we don't know!" The truth of the matter is that I don't know.

What I have learned though, is that many of us have been reeling with all that this situation has ignited within us. I have learned over time, that rather than wallowing in my disappointment, or seething in my anger, it's best to turn to my spiritual practise and seek guidance. So, in my morning meditation, I asked Spirit to show me how I can be useful, and was guided to reach for my drum and enter through the trusted doorway of shamanic journeying to come to Source.

It was a detailed journey and so rather than sharing all of it, I'll share the five symbols/messages that were shared with me as teachings and reminders. The overall mood of the journey was neutral and the theme of fire/light in the darkness was continuous throughout the whole journey.

The first symbol was a
small doll that looked like a frightened little child

I was reminded of the tiny doll of intuition in the story of Vasalisa the Brave. The doll who led the heroine through the dark woods to the house of Babayaga where she had to feed the wildness and work to find her power and wisdom before returning home. As I held the doll, Grandmothers said, "This is all of you in the dream of the planet who are trapped in fear. As adults, you must learn to master and manage your fear, not spread it. It is time for self-responsibility. This doll is your tender Child Spirit. You must hold her closely and be aware that everyone has a child spirit, everyone can be afraid!"

Remember, during this time and all challenging times, hold your Child Spirit tenderly, and remember to be tender with others.

The second symbol was many, many fires being lit from hilltop to hilltop.

This reminded me the old Celtic Fire ceremonies where the ancestors put out their home fires, leaving them in darkness. The tribe's leaders would gather together on the far away hill in ceremony, and light a new, fresh fire, and this was the signal for all the householders to light their new fires too. Can you imagine that one fire on a hilltop in the distance and each fire being lit from the centre in an amazing ripple of light? Grandmother said, "Now is the time to tend to your fire. Be responsible for feeding your fire and keeping your fire. Do not trouble yourself with other people's fires, just be a beautiful, bright beacon and shine in the darkness so that should anyone's fire be extinguished, your fire will bring hope and comfort."

Remember to do your work! Tend your own fire and don't be distracted by the dream of the planet and all its trappings of drama. This may well mean sitting in your own darkness at times, but as is always true, the darkness holds the gift. Whether it be healing, wisdom, grace, or joy – the gift is there! Sometimes it is best that we not enter into our own darkness alone, but instead sit with help, receive the light and warmth of your community's fire.

And, remember you are not alone! Envision in this moment all of the others fires burning on the hills and the luminosity that connects them. There are many, many, many other people tending their fires, doing their work, and in doing this, we are indeed changing the fabric of our whole planet. We only need to open our hearts and connect with the huge web of light connecting all of the Hearth keepers, medicine carriers, light workers to help us feel connected and purposeful.

The third symbol was a white swan feather.

As I held the feather to my heart, I felt Swan arriving with so much grace and beauty I thought I would melt. I recalled how Swan is connected with Venus, the goddess of love, and the old Celtic stories where humans were turned into swans and sang the sweetest songs bringing ease and comfort. I also recalled the story of the Ugly Duckling who was trapped in an illusion of thinking he was something he was not, only to discover his beauty when he found his tribe. Grandfather said, "Swan has a long neck to teach that we must take time before we speak. We do not rush from the mind, or rush from the heart, but wait until they come together so the words are kind and caring."

Remember to open your heart and allow Spirit's grace to enter. Take time to surrender (soften your heart) like a white flag, and allow both your heart and your mind to speak. Wait until they are as one and speak from there. From this place you can bring peace, and peace is helpful and useful.

The last symbol or vignette was taking the White Feather of Peace and many simple gifts to those who are suffering.

Grandfather said, "The pain of humanity has been here always, and will be here always, just as love has been and is. The suffering of blame, irresponsibility, anger, and illusion however are optional. As long as people are living in fear, there will be suffering. As long as there are only two, there will be this or that, right and wrong, black and white, and this will bring suffering."

Remember during challenging times to be generous with your kindness and gratitude! Beware of the suffering stories that a mind in fear can create, and focus your energy on the third. When we look and feel into this or that, where is this or that inside of us? Where does it show up in our lives? What can we bring to temper it and find the gift of something new? Sitting in the centre of this or that can bring many lessons, but most of all, doing so can pull here into the present moment where generally fear does not exist.

The final message I received from Grandfather was, "Kindness is contagious!"

Remember, be kind to yourself, be kind to others, be kind to the situation. It may sound cheesy, but like many teachings, it's simple but not always easy! At times such as this, it can be a difficult muscle to flex because it can mean not getting angry when we think we should, and it can also mean walking away (or scrolling away) from people and situations that aren't kind to us.

As you carry that White Peace Feather in your Heart, know that this is all temporary, this too shall pass, and Love will prevail.

We would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the Musqueam, Squamish, Kwikwetlem, Tsleil-Waututh, Kwantlen, and Katzie Nations, whose ancestral lands we live, work, and teach upon.


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