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It is not so easy to be thankful and grateful on this Thanksgiving weekend if our mind, spirit, heart, are bound up in disappointment, disapproval, and shame from beating ourselves up! Here are a few tips for moving the heavy energies connected to unresolved stuff...

ForgiveYourselfWe are human beings and from the moment we learned to walk we first fell down!

When we forgive ourselves, we let go of holding ourselves to a debt we think we owe.

The key is to own our shit, allow our feelings, take the action needed to clean it up, LEARN from it, and then with humility, move on.

This doesn't mean we defend, blame, or criticize others to bolster and puff ourselves up so we are ABOVE! It doesn't mean that we take on more of the responsibility than is ours, or that we drag ourselves along as the scum of the earth, putting ourselves BELOW! Each of these are EGO stances!!

Humility comes from the word "HUMUS" meaning from the ground, from the Earth. So self forgiveness is being grounded in the present, being clear and settled in our mind about our part, (where we messed up), being open and clear in our hearts, and allowing the feelings of regret and remorse to move through and cleanse us. Then we can take action to fix things the best we can (clean up our side of the street) by addressing the situation as directly and lovingly as possible.

If you're feeling a bit jammed in with things that need your attention, you might like to sit quietly, do some writing about your part, allow your feelings, and then give an offering to Mama Earth (humus) and ask Her to help you digest these experiences so you can take action to clear them and most of all to learn from them.

It's through the learning that you'll likely be able to help someone!

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving everyone. Xo

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