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Tonight is the harvest moon and lunar eclipse and a wonderful time to move energies in your Life. A time for the work of sifting and sorting, pruning the deadwood, cutting energetic ties that don't serve your highest good, and a time to celebrate the absolute abundance Life has gifted to us. Just like the Good God Daghda's cauldron that is never empty, tonight is a perfect opportunity to open yourself to prosperity.
Here's a small ceremony you can do at home!
A small fireproof burning bowl, and a candle (safety first people!) to be used outside in a safe area
Any sacred items you would like charged with the Full Moon energy - this may include your Medicine Hearth or Mesa, crystals, stones, etc
A small glass of water (preferably from a local river, otherwise the tap is fine) and a moonstone if you have one.
Go outside and create sacred space under the moonlight
Pray, sing, chant as you heart calls, bringing in your protection and peace to your circle
You might like to welcome the smoke of incense or other plants (sage, lavendar, eucalyptus) to cleanse you
Sit quietly and in your meditation see a large bowl of grain and a sieve
Think about all you have been through in the last year
Pour the grain into the sieve, and ask Spirit to clear away all that is not serving your highest good.
Feel all of this energy moving through your body and use your breath to release it, breathing as many times as needed
Ask Spirit to show you all the wisdom and gifts you have received this year and hold your hands out to receive these, moving them into your heart.
Once the meditation is complete, write each thing you have let go onto a little pieces of paper.
Burn them one at a time, letting them go with your mind, speech, heart, and body
Then turn towards Grandma Moon and open yourself to this beautiful luminous light. Place the Moonstone into the glass of water, and hold it in your hands. Move the glass until you can see the Moon reflected in the water and it is aligned with your Heart. As you hold the water, state out loud all of the wonderful gifts in your Life, and all that you are grateful for.
Let your Heart shine with the Moon and allow your joy and gratitude to radiate into the Water.
Once this is complete, anoint and seal yourself with essential oils that are your favorites.
When you return inside, place the glass of water on a windowsill so it can receive the moonlight all night long. In the morning, transfer the water into a small bottle/dropper bottle. You can then use a few drops from time to time for as long as you need. You can add these to your bath, place them on your tongue, anoint your forehead, top of head, or heart whenever you are moving out old energy and bringing in Gratitude.

A~LB xo


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