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I am just preparing the many, many details to set out to Ireland on Saturday. Andrea and I are taking a group of eleven feisty and passionate women on a sacred pilgrimage to honour our ancestors and open the doors to ancestral healing.

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In my own journeys to Ireland, I have experienced profound awakening and healing on such a deep level and have come to understand this as the Retrieval of the Indigenous Soul. My understanding of Indigenous Soul is the part of us that is connected deeply to the collective unconscious and carries all of the ancient songs, myths, stories, and symbols within the DNA/ancestral memory. These ancient energies are born of the land which of course, is far more ancient than us. I often think of how my ancestors would have likely lived on the same land for generations and the stories that would have been born from relationship with the land.

Experiencing this, knowing this, has caused me to ponder the loss many of our ancestors experienced when they had to leave their homes - families, songs, recipes, traditions - and emigrate. In Ireland, many of the people emigrating had their wake before they left. At least that way there could be a type of closure, or a readiness for the soul to know it's way home should they die enroute to the new land, or on the new land.

On this journey, our main intention is to greet, meet and immerse with An Cailleach. She is an ancient, ancient voice of Mother Earth - the oldest of the oldest Grandmothers. Here's a link to a wonderful little film you might enjoy and put out by the Irish Film board in 2007...


And do stayed tuned for updated blogs about our journey.

Much warmth

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