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About twenty years ago, I came to a crossroads in my life by way of a crisis. Like many of us who have stood at these crossroads, I found myself in dismay - divorced, unemployed, spiritually bankrupt, and emotionally dysregulated. It was humbling to say the least, and I was called to deeply examine my life. Very shortly into this examination, I was gifted the Toltec teachings and practice of stalking by nagual, Dona Bernadette Vigil. Through this practice, I learned how to see my life as a weaving within the infinite, unstoppable fabric of the Divine. In the centre of my life's weaving was my heart. Like a warm hearth in the centre of a chilly maze, I could hear its calling, and feel its longing, but at that time, I was far, far away.


For the next two decades, I continued to listen to the calling, and the Universe continued to provide teacher after teacher, and my own willingness, to help me track and detangle the knots, imperfections, and flaws, to darn the threadbare places and frayed edges, and finally weave my own unique patterns.

What I discovered within the weaving were my individual threads from this and other lifetimes, as well as threads of my ancestors, my culture, the lands I have lived on, and all my relationships – all alive, all in motion, all of the time! I experienced how sometimes these were sweetly interweaving, and at other times, were in deep conflict.

About 15 years into the journey, I began to learn how to embrace and honour all of it, and not so long ago, I made my way home to my heart. When I arrived, I found a hearth with a very busy, bubbling cauldron, hard at work, cooking and digesting all of the energies moving through this complex weaving.

I witnessed how my work within my own weaving had indeed helped many: my grandmothers who had had heart disease, the men in my life who were unforgiven, the women whose truth was lost in dutiful patriarchal roles, the land spirit who was impacted by colonization and war – right down to the tobacco plant who was abused by me during years of smoking addiction. The delicate nature of this weaving and this work, taught me about the delicate nature of life and just how challenging it is to be within life and observe without corrupting.

This year, I am offering Teachings from the Hearth – a series of weekend gatherings to awaken the indigenous soul that calls each of us home to the hearth of our hearts. This offering is very dear to me, because it's a coalescence of these years in the maze and comes at a time where I believe our ancestors are eager to help, and we are all being called to listen with the most delicate ears, see with the softest eyes, and embrace with the kindest hands. I do hope you will consider joining us.

With much warmth

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