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old-women-portraitI am so looking forward to the Crones Festival and Ceremony coming up on October 28. As this abundant harvest time comes to a close, it is the old woman of Winter, An Cailleach who makes her away across the land helping and allowing that which needs to die.



Of course, in our death denying culture, this old woman is not seen as a necessary or beautiful friend, and we see this evidenced in the way we lack reverance and respect for our elderly. In our culture, a woman is seen as less and less powerful as she ages, and yet if you have ever been in the presence of a truly wise, old woman, her vision may have weakened, but her seeing is extremely powerful! She can often look right through you and see everything inside your heart that you are afraid of seeing, and she can see it with soft eyes and a compassionate heart. This is because she is walking side by side with death who is teaching her all about life.

This Crones Festival we will be fundraising for the Ubuntu Fund. This is a special fund initiated by my friend John Lockley, Xhosa Sangoma Shaman from South Africa. The money we raise will go to aid his Sangoma community. This community is comprised of his teacher, Mum Gwevu, her husband, and her school with about 20 training Sangomas. They live in one of the poorest areas of South Africa, the Eastern Cape, with a high mortality rate due to AIDS related deaths. There are usually a number of funerals every weekend. The Sangoma wisdomkeepers and medicine people provide the much needed spiritual guidance and healing that the community needs. You can read more about the Ubuntu Fund here.

Crone Crowning 2010

The Crones Festival & Ceremony is always a marvellous event. We have a Fireside Ceremony and Spiral Dance, community potluck, and Shamans Market where you will find incredible, handcrafted artwares to begin your shopping for the Holiday season.

If you have wares you would like to sell, please contact Lori to arrange your space: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are a woman (or know a woman) 55 and over, please do contact us. We would love to have you as part of our ceremony and honour your wisdom.

Everyone is welcome so bring your family, kids, grandparents, neighbors, and friends.

In Spirit,



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