Celtic Sun God LughBright Summer blessings to you and welcome to my blog and this first entry.

Last weekend some of the White Bone students and I (and some of our gorgeous kids) joined together under the trees and in the sunshine of the park to celebrate Lughnassad. This wonderful festival celebrates the Celtic Sun God Lugh as he honoured his foster-mother Tailtiu in thanks for her clearing the land for agriculture.

The roots of her name come from the Gaelic meaning Mother Earth, so this celebration is in fact a way of giving thanks to our Mother Earth for providing us with the abundance of food, warmth, air and water that keep us alive.

Lughnassad is also a time to reflect back on the seeds of our hopes, wishes and desires that we planted back in the deep dark of Winter. We look at how they germinated, and then broke through the surface of our lives in the Spring to come to fruition this Summer. Now is the time that we reap what we have sewn and celebrate our harvest.    

Just as our ancestors celebrated their first harvest after a long winter and spring, we took the first husks from the corn and made corn dollies. These represent the Cailleach, the great Crone who brings in the Winter and who, at Spring time will again transform into the Maiden, bringing back the hope and the light. So when Spring arrives, we will bring out our Corn Dollies and transform them too.

Besides the amazing feasting, singing, and dancing that often accompanies our gatherings, we also had fun welcoming the Harvest Queen and gathering our ribbons of luck (sometimes known as clooties) to tie them to trees and welcome in the winds of luck.

I hope you create time for yourself this Summer to celebrate what you are harvesting in your life. It can be helpful to journey and ask your Helping Spirits to carry you back through your year and examine that which you planted earlier. Perhaps they can help by bringing in the power of the sun to bring new life to lost dreams or hopes. If you ask, they can also provide you with ideas for actions you can take in your every day life to create momentum that will bring these to fruition. Remember, that these alliances are reciprocal. The Spirits love to be asked for help, and it is through our actions in this reality that we honour their help. So try these intentions in your journeys:

maidenssun"Thank you for showing me the next best step in bringing this goal to fruition."
"Thank you for showing me any internal blocks or beliefs I may have that are getting in the way of this goal."

Remember, that life is not about "getting what we want" but more about building character and integrity which help create right relationship. By being in right relationship, we can then become the offering or the vessel for spirit to work through. Our alliance with them will then provide the space in our lives to bring our expression of beauty into this troubled world - and of course then we get to live in purpose.

So, hang some ribbons in your trees to welcome the winds of luck and to thank your Guardians for the protection and support they provide you.

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Thanks so much to Juliette Woods for some of these pics. x


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