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I recently returned from a visit with my family in Australia. One of the most precious activities while there is to pry my parents for stories and information about our ancestors. I generally do this while we are out for the morning run, swim or walk.

This year my Dad told me about Dorothy. Dorothy was my Nanna's DJ name! Yes, my Nanna (Ruby Prider nee Nolan) and Grandfather ran a radio station called 2BH in Broken Hill, Australia in the early 1940s. They also played the piano and violin for the silent movies and Nan taught piano.

I think what is significant is that this was a time before TV, during World War II, where radio was the only way people could stay in touch with the updates and events of a frightening time. In 1943, during the period of my grandparents managing 2BH, Darwin was bombed with more bombs and casualities than Pearl Harbour, and that was only the first air raid with another 58 to come. There were almost 100 air raids against Australia in total, and Sydney Harbour was threatened by enemy submarines. During this period, Dorothy (my Nanna) would come on air each morning for thousands of women. Part of Dorothy's role was to bring comfort and speak to those women who were waiting at home for their loved ones, or who had lost their loved ones. My Dad told me that she would start each show with this, "Good morning. This is Dorothy and welcome to the morning show. But first, a prayer for our fallen soldiers..."

Now for those of you who know me, I am not pro-war in any way, shape, or form. But what is significant here for me is the power and comfort of taking time to bring prayer and intention to a situation. It is a powerful act for the giver and a powerful gift for the receiver. Taking time to bring comfort to suffering, bring gratitude and thanks into the world, and acceptance to all situations is the shamanic process of harmonizing. It is the medicine of balance.

Today our fallen soldiers are different than those of my Nan's time. Today they are the friends or family who are caught in the grip of addiction, the neighbour who is suffering an illness, the trees and forests who are being clearcut, the oceans who are being polluted, the sharks who are being needlessley slaughtered, the aged who are alone, the children who are starving, and the child soldiers who are forced to carry a gun before the age of twelve.

Nanna_2BH_001So, in honour of my Nanna, I will be doing my best each day to get to this blog, and to stop and bring prayer and intention to our fallen soldiers through the power of the word. I do hope you will join me by subscribing and reading the blog, and also by taking some time to be part of this harmonizing force.

Additionally, I would like to encourage you to email me with your own "Fallen Soldiers" situations, and I will do my best to broadcast these through the blog so that we can use the power of community to bring harmony. Please limit your emails to one short paragraph and enter "Fallen Soldier" in the subject line. I look forward to hearing from you.

With many blessings and harmony for 2011.


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