Yesterday I wrote about my Nanna and how each day she would hold space on her radio show for the fallen soldiers during World War II. 

My wish is to hold this space as often as possible and hopefully some of you will join me in bringing your spirit and intention to healing and harmonizing through a circle of light via this blog.

Today I ask Spirit to gently hold an old acquaintance of mine. He lives in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. For those who do not live here in Canada, this area is the poorest postal code in Canada and has one of the highest rates of HIV and illicit drug use in North America. Whilst I worked there I saw just how many people have suffered soul loss through childhood trauma, and are coping with soul loss and post traumatic stress symptoms by using drugs. Sadly, due to the conditions of the area, the soul loss is amplified and the PTSD made worse. In addition, I saw how many of their friends and family were sick with soul loss as they worried and grieved the loss of their loved ones. My old acquaintance has been caught in the grip of crack cocaine use for close to 15 years and has lost all hope that he will ever be free of its grip. It is not for me to judge him, or try and change or fix him, as much as my instinct for living might want too.  I do however provide a space of compassion for him at our monthly lunch get togethers, and I hold a vision of hope through my faith in the power of asking Spirit for help and harmony.

Please join me in this moment in creating healing and harmony with the power of Spirit.
Take three gentle breaths. One to the belly. One to the heart. One to the head.
With each breath, set this clear, strong and steady intention
"Thank you for allowing me to participate in Your circle of healing through my being a harmonizing force."

Oh spirit of love, light and compassion -
Today we ask that within this circle of intention, you hold gently the souls of all  those suffering from the pain and anguish of addiction.
Within and through this circle, we ask that their suffering be eased,  and if it is their path, they be opened to seeing the light in the darkness, and receiving the many coincidences and doorways to healing that are in front of them in each moment.
As we are in our busy lives, give us the courage to look at their suffering rather than turn away.
And in this looking, we ask that you move through us the power of the compassionate, respectful smile, so that they might see their true nature reflected.
Blessed Be

On this first day of the year, I am encouraged by this prayer to remember the power of our presence as spirit moves through us. I remember that the more in balance each of us is, the more balance we can bring to all situations. I remember that the more we heal our own suffering, the greater capacity we have to witness and be a healing presence for others - not so much in our doing, but really in our being.

I also want to encourage you to email me with your brief "Fallen Soldier" situations so that through this blog space we are able to hold loving intention. My email is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I receive many emails, so please put "Fallen Soldier" in the subject line. Additionally, you can subscribe to this blog and be updated on our healing intentions with each post so that you can participate.

Thank you for holding space with me today and may your year be in alignment with your highest intentions.



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