When I was visiting Australia, I spent time with a beautiful, big Moreton Bay Fig Tree. They are of the banyen family and such a loving presence to many birds and of course bats. Often I would walk through or past the park at night and see and hear the bats flying around and roosting in the tree having their dinner of figs. At the same time, I met a friend of our family called Jill.

Jill has been passionately dedicated to rescuing baby flying foxes and bats who become trapped when their mothers die due to being electrocuted on the power lines. She has nursed many of these little mammals back to freedom and independence.

I know that many people are freaked out about bats thanks to all those Christopher Lee vampire movies we grew up on. Some believe they are a sign of gossip or a warning of something worrying coming. Some believe that are the bringers of illness and disharmony. I think though that they are necessary and wonderful teachers. They are afterall, the only mammal who is truly capable of flight. Much like a baby in utero waiting to be born, they hang upside down in caves with their wings wrapped around them like a cocoon, and wait for the perfect time to exit into the luminous gentle night. They are our teachers of rebirth, showing us how to see in the dark, and also how to see situations from a different perspective. As they rest in the darkness, they are also tuning out the outside light of the day with all it's busyness, interference and voices. This is a process that can take great dedication for us. To be fully committed to looking within, into our own darkness while holding at bay all of the outside callings, addictions, and magnetic distractions of our culture which teach us to look outside of ourselves, rather than within. Bat also teaches us to rest in the dark and take our time with our creative and healing processes, letting go of that which no longer serves our highest good. They teach us patience as we wait in the creative hallway where one door has shut but the other one has not opened. And as we surrender and let go, heal and transform, we are taught to wait for the right time to rebirth and bring our gifts into the light of day.

In light of our Fallen Soldiers circle, please join me in this moment in creating healing and harmony with the power of Spirit for the Bat.
Take three gentle breaths. One to the belly. One to the heart. One to the head.
With each breath, set this clear, strong and steady intention
"Thank you for allowing me to participate in Your circle of healing through my being a harmonizing force."

Oh spirit of love, light and compassion -
Today we ask that within this circle of intention, you hold gently the soul of Bat who is our wonderful teacher of rebirth.
We ask that all of those bats who are lost to the power lines are held in your love and peace and relieved of suffering.
We also thank all of those who are dedicated to helping and rescuing the wee bat babes, and that you continue to provide them with the courage, time and resources to carry out their work.
Blessed Be

For further information to help Bat: www.sydneybats.org.au


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