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Today our intention for healing is sent out to the children of our world. Here is a beautiful Polish Wigilia Blessing to carry them and hold them as they move into life.

Taking three deep breaths… one into your belly, one into your heart, and one into your head we ask Spirit to hold this circle of healing and light for our children as we speak this prayer out loud:

I wish you health

I wish you wealth

That passes not with time

I wish you long years

May your heart be as patient as the earth

Your love as warm as the harvest gold

May your days be full as the city is full

Your nights be as joyful dancers

May your arms be as welcoming as home

May your faith be as enduring as gods love

Your spirit as valiant as your heritage

May your hand be as sure as a friend

Your dreams as hopeful as a child

May your soul be as brave as your people

And may you be blessed.


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