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I first sat in a circle over 25 years ago, and from there opened to a path of healing and spiritual growth after a long soul famine. Since then, I have been blessed with many loving teachers, mentors, and elders from my Ancestral medicine of the Western Isles, Indigenous medicine from Peru and Canada, Core Shamanism, and mainstream psychology and counselling, yoga, and the sacred Plant Medicines.

DPplDrum treeMy work experience has included counseling in the areas of youth career transition, women's spirituality, both women's and men's addiction treatment, and harm reduction counseling in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. For the last 12 years, I have been in full-time private practice specializing in the spiritual recovery from trauma, anxiety, addictions, and grief. I offer a synthesis of spiritual healing, sound medicine, and wisdom teachings to restore harmony and balance to the physical and luminous bodies, dearmour and heal the heart, and gather soul wisdom to reconcile and resolve difficulties and trauma.

In addition to healing work, I also provide Plant Medicine Integration, earth medicine apprenticeship, and mentorship and supervision for shamanic practitioners and holistic healthcare professionals.

About ten years ago, I began to share the wisdom teachings and practices that have been passed onto me by offering workshops, healing circles, Cacao ceremony, the Shaman Woman apprenticeship for women, and the White Bone Shamanic Arts Apprenticeship for both men and women. The WBSAA is an offering dear to my heart, and is an immersion into soul growth and energy medicine practices based on the global weaving of my medicine. Our world needs all of us to find our unique medicine and support and foster a global community rooted in love and tolerance. 

My heart's desire in my work is to support you in remembering and returning to the wild song of your Soul, your heart's reverence for life, and the path of your destiny. Weaving these pieces together can lead to a passion-filled, inspired, robust, and harmonious life. That doesn't mean that life will become easy, but it may feel simpler, and you will be able to navigate your way more gracefully. 

Honouring the Ancestors
My ancestors from Ireland and Cornwall emigrated on the ships to Australia many generations ago. They are lineages of miners, healers, weavers, artists, and musicians, and I feel their medicine move through me every day.

As a child, I had a strong, passionate, and full-hearted relationship with the outdoors and the land of Australia! I was a sensitive child (as so many of us are) and dance and art came through in all I expressed. I also had dreams, visions, and spiritual experiences as a child, as well as a near death experience in my teens, where I was sent back from the light with a profound and clear understanding that there is indeed a Universal lifeforce. I have come to understand that this experience was life-changing but not necessarily unique to me, as many of us have had similar experiences. I do believe however, that our dominant culture was ill-equipped in guiding or nurturing my understanding of which led to me repressing these gifts of vision, the sight, and energy sensitivity.

In the early '90s, I hit a healing crisis where the loving arms of family, sweatlodge elders of the Squamish Nation, friends, and community supported me away from a destructive path and back to health. During this period I had, what I later came to understand, as spontaneous shamanic visions, spirit-healings, and initiatory dreams. Around this time, I was in a ceremony and met my ancestors who took me through an ancient healing rite of passage, and asked that I continue returning to them to learn about my gifts and path. This began the next 25 years of gathering, healing, tidying, and refining my medicine.

I wish I could say that from that moment on I haven't looked back, that I have never been afraid, that I have never doubted - but that's not the case! I have been afraid, doubted, turned away, and made mistakes over and over again, while learning that I am not special and different. What I have learned is how to quiet my mind and temper my ego, be present to this moment while keeping my heart open, allow Life to move through me, allow vulnerability, allow compassion, keep my fingers out of every pie, that less is more, taske the Medicine seriously and laugh at my Self, and remember as much as I can that it's all impermanent.

Honouring the Teachers
With thanks to my teachers in my formal studies of psychology and mental health (Douglas College), counseling (Vancouver Community Centre), family systems therapy ( Satir Institute of the Pacific), somatic Self RegulationTherapy 
(CFTRE), and Core Shamanism (Foundation of Shamanic Studies).

All of the blood, milk, and land ancestors from Ireland and Cornwall
The Aboriginal peoples of Australia and teachers in the Dreaming; especially my land ancestors at Balbararong, and the Gandagara, Awabakal, and Kaurna peoples.
The First Nations ancestors from my heart-home in Canada, especially the Tsleil-Waututh, Squamish, and Cree nations, as well as the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the Siksika Blackfoot peoples in Montana
The Q'ero and Shipibo ancestors from Peru, and Sacred Plant teachers from the mountains and the jungle.
The ancestors and teachers from the Toltec and Curanderismo traditions in Mexico and southwest United States.

And to all those who have taught me life lessons and held my feet to the fire - I honour you!

One thousand blessings, one thousand thank yous, one thousand kisses of honey to your hearts!
I am so grateful for your commitment and courage – that through your suffering, slaughter, bloodshed, loss, heartbreak, starvation, and exile, we keep the medicine alive.


(Photo credit: Catherine Beerdon Basso)

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Ang Lav Farm 2014"When I was in the "emergency stage" of remembering childhood sexual abuse, I felt I was coming completely unglued: my emotions and anxiety were off the Richter scale, and affected my personal relationships and ability to work. The talk therapy I'd been going to for years re-traumatized me over and over, so I quit. Acupuncture helped with the physical discomfort of my PTSD symtpoms, but I needed deeper healing. My acupuncturist recommended I see Angela.

At first, I thought, "See a shaman? That\'s weird!" but I was in such distress, and it was clear that the "normal" channels weren't working, so why not? In our first appointment, Angela found my Power Animal, and the process was really soothing. Something clicked for me on a level I deeply needed, a spiritual level.

Angela's blend of shamanic healing and Self Regulation Therapy gives her a wide range of tools to help her clients. In my case, seeing Angela for SRT helped me discharge old stimulus stuck in my nervous system, and that's helped me get out of old patterns and build a better life for myself. I've become intimate with my senses and nervous system, so I know when I'm likely to feel overwhelmed and I can often mitigate the situation before it's an emergency.

My nighttime dreams prepared me to try the core shamanic practices as a possible path forward. I feel grounded and balanced and justly self-governed in a way I never imagined. I had no idea what I was capable of, and maybe I don't fully yet, but I am so much better prepared to live life fully and generously."

- Ariel, Vancouver 2012


"When I first came to see Angela, I had suffered for years from chronic fatigue, lack of energy, clarity, an overwhelming feeling of a fractured self and soul, leaving me vulnerable and barely surviving. After having soul retrieval and learning shamanic techniques, all aspects of healing have blossomed into a consciousness of well being, peace and joy. My ability to create the life intended for me has resurfaced with clarity and gratitude. I am connected to my spirit and higher self. My world has changed and I am free and feel cherished. I am convinced that I would have continued spiraling downward if not for Angela, her gifts, wisdom and support."

- Marishka, North Vancouver, 2006


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We would like to acknowledge the ancestral, traditional and unceded First Nation territories of the Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh), kʷikʷəƛ̓əm (Kwikwetlem), xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), and Stó:lō  Nations on whose territory we live, play, and  work.



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