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NewMoon Circle

Friday, Dec 11 | 7pm-8:30pm
Kushala Yoga, Pt Moody

An invitation to deepen your self-care practise, create sacred space for yourself,
and get connected to the lunar cycles and seasonal forces that make up our bodies, our planet, and our lives.
Our evening will flow with:

a grounding ceremony with smoke to clear your energy
a guided meditation to bring clarity
a simple and potent intention setting ritual
And a restorative sound immersion to anchor your experience
and send you into your weekend reset and radiant.
$37 per person or $35 each when you register with a friend

** Please note that we have clear COVID protocols established. The event will ensure physical distancing. Everyone is required to wear a mask within the studio waiting area at all times.



Soul Healer Shamanic Circle Angela Prider

Thursday, Dec 17 | 7pm-8pm

December's Theme: Roles and Rules

The Soul Healers Circle is a 60-min monthly Q&A and community gathering
for anyone on a path of healing, spiritual growth, and transformation.

In a non-judgmental and compassionate space, you'll receive:
trauma-informed, practical tips and guidance,
Soul nourishing Earth Medicine and Healing rituals
and guided Spirit journeys (shamanic) to tap into your intuition

Read about why I created the Soul Healers Circle



NewMoon Circle

with Sisters In Sound
Saturday, Dec 19 | 7pm-9:30pm

This is your invitation to enter our MAGICAL PORTAL on the longest night of the year!

Join us for our vibration-raising synthesis of Holy Mother CACAO, FIRE RITUAL, and guided JOURNEY, all gift-wrapped with instrumental tones, celestial vocal harmonies, entrancing medicine songs, and ambient soundscapes designed to traverse you back to the light.

Grab your ticket and your Holy Mother Sacred Cacao, along with ceremonial Preparation Instructions and Anointing Oil will be mailed to you. Pickup is also available in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.
ZOOM LINK: will arrive Dec 18 by email. 
$55 Early Bird 'til Dec 05
 $65 after Dec 05
Grab your tickets before Dec 09 to ensure your Sacred Cacao arrives on time.
After Dec 09 will require pickup 


A 9-month Journey of Soul Retrieval & Rebirth
NOV 5, 2020 - JUL 22, 2021 on Zoom

We need a deeply sacred and safe space to heal the SOUL LOSS that can happen with self-neglect

That's what  SELF CARE to SOVEREIGNTY is all about!
It's a 9-month journey of rebirth
and is 
for any of you who have a hard time:
putting your needs first
getting to your self-care
saying no
disappointing others
setting and maintaining boundaries

OR have a history of:
recurring burnout
walking on eggshells
fawning, people pleasing, or tending-and-befriending



2-hour Sacred Circles via Zoom (one per month)

 60min Self-Healers Q&A sessions via Zoom (one per month)
Integration Sheets to keep you on track
All the recordings for you to keep


RRadiance Circle

Radical Radiance Seasonal Series | Shamanism and Kundalini Fusion

This is your invitation to something fresh and unique - a profound journey of connection with the material and energetic seasonal forces that make up our bodies, our planet, and our practice.

** No experience with Shamanism or Yoga is required **

Radical Radiance is made up of four 3-hour immersions in which we weave together two ancient spiritual paths - Earth Medicine (Shamanism) and Yoga. Both of these time-tested practices honour  Nature as a great teacher and guide to higher consciousness.

As we move through the year together, you will deeply embody self-care, while learning Earth cycle rituals and energy medicine to attune and harness the seasonal energies within and around you. The result is a renewed devotion to practice, which ultimately creates conditions where
abundant flow states,
a brighter mindset, and
radiant vitality can thrive.



QREV circle copy

Quintessential Revolution
Animistic Folk Medicine Apprenticeship for Conscious Living
Formerly known as the White Bone Shamanic Arts Apprenticeship (since 2006)

Quintessential Revolution is a year-long immersion into a transformational medicine path for human development and spiritual growth. A practical, efficient, effective, and LIFE CHANGING experience, Quintessential Revolution includes time-tested Shamanic technologies and wisdom teachings, sacred ceremony and community connection, life flow tools and embodiment practices.

Apprentice to your Heart,
your Quintessential Nature,
and the calling of your
Unique Medicine

 Starts November 2021

This program is in high demand, therefore we are placing names on our waitlist for the Spring Intake.
Those on the waitlist will be notified about application and enrolment, before registration opens to the public. 

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today to express your interest.



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