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A Soft Place to Land ~ Honouring the Ancestors
Shamanic Soul Healing, Cacao, & Sound Bath 

Saturday, Nov 3, 2018 ~ 7:00pm - 10:00pm

We all need a soft place to land right? Now is a great time to register for this Saturday's circle.
Our evening will celebrate this season of Samhain and include warm ceremonial Cacao, sound medicine, and a guided Imramma to the Land of our Ancestors.

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In the old Celtic tradition it is said that the energy cauldron in the belly (aka Dantien, Hara, Swadhisthana) is in part nourished by cultural tradition, and in turn, nurtures our physical well-being and strength

Knowing our ancestral lineages means we know where we come from, and we know who we are. This makes it much easier to know where we are going especially as we acknowledge, heal and inherit the gifts and wisdom handed down to us.

Our evening will celebrate this season of Samhain and include warm Ceremonial Cacao to open our hearts, Sound Medicine including gongs, singing bowls, steel tongue drums, and soul song transmissions, and a guided Shamanic Imramma to the Land of our Ancestors.

Come along and experience a beautiful way to reattune to love,
bring compassion and healing to your ancestral lineages, and open your heart and vision.

You will return home feeling spacious, peaceful and reconnected to your Heart.


@ North Yoga, 201-1121 Commercial Place, Squamish, BC
Arrive 6:45pm to settle in
Finish: 10:00pm

Please dress in comfortable layers and bring:
*A water bottle
*Your favorite cup for warm Cacao Elixir (1.5cups)
*Blanket and cushion for comfort
*Journal and pen
*Bandanna/eye covering
*Medicine Hearth or Mesa (if you have)
*Ear plugs (if you have sensitive ears)
*Pics of your peoples
(family, friends, animal companions, land)
who have trans-formed and would love to be honoured

***Cacao is most supportive on an empty stomach. Have a nourishing meal earlier in the day, and then a very small snack about an hour before our gathering.
***PLEASE NOTE – in order to have a refined communion with the sacred plant medicine of Cacao, we strongly suggest you refrain from dairy, caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, recreational drugs, etc.

Your offering:

 $50 per person
Call North Yoga: 604-390-3330


E-transfer is also accepted and can be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* Limited space please register early * 

Ang 2018 websiteANGELA PRIDER is a spiritual healer, artist, and Wisdom Keeper of White Bone Shamanism. She has been practicing shamanism and facilitating sacred circles for over twenty years, and is passionate about soul, nature, mythology, and creativity. With a trauma-informed foundation of counseling and somatic based therapy, Angela brings a grounded and compassionate presence to her teaching. Among her extensive training with Indigenous teachers and mentors from Canada, Australia, and Peru, she has travelled in pilgrimage to her ancestral home of Ireland on numerous occasions to learn the way of the Bean Feasa (woman of supernatural knowledge.)

Mike 2018 websiteSOUND & MUSIC MEDICINE: Mike Reed is a musician, artist, and world adventurer. Having travelled extensively while exploring the spirit of the land, music, and shamanism, he holds a deep and heartful space in which to heal, harmonize, and dive deep within. Mike is presently studying Sound Healing and completing his third year of the White Bone Shamanic Apprenticeship



 Elise 2018 websiteSACRED CACAO: Elise de Villiers loves the medicines of archetypal dreaming, journeying, plant wisdom, and nutritional healing. She is a homeopath and Vedic astrologer and has studied and worked with herbs, healing, and nutrition for over 20 years.  She completed the White Bone Shamanic Apprenticeship in 2017 and continues to deepen her compassion and dedication to the path of the Divine Mother through her work with Sacred Cacao.





We would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the Squamish, Kwikwetlem, Tsleil-Waututh, Kwantlen, and Katzie Nations, whose ancestral lands we live, work, and teach upon.



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